BackupAssist v10.x has arrived!

  • New Private and Public Cloud Backup Support

  • Support for nested VM's

  • Support for Shielded VM's

  • Improved Data Containers

  • New Online Help

Will it recover? Yes it will!

Create a customisable bootable recovery environment media on USB, optical disc or HDD providing easy disaster recovery to the same or dissimilar hardware.

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  • Automatically adjusts settings in Windows when recovering to different hardware
  • RecoverAssist works where Windows recoveries fail
  • Avoid many Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) problems that often occur when recovering using Windows

Centralised Monitoring Console
Manage backups better

Simplify the task of monitoring hundreds of backup jobs from any location using the BackupAssist Centralised Monitoring Console web interface and mobile app.

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  • Simplies the task of reviewing backup reports from multiple sites
  • Easy access to job report histories
  • Allows resellers to add value to their customer service

Cloud Backups Direct to Azure or Amazon

Designed for bandwidth efficient (depulication and compression) Internet based Backups to remote servers, NAS devices and cloud providers.

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  • Rsync provides bandwidth efficient secure offsite backups
  • Rsync provides real-time AES256 encryption of backups
  • Resellers can add value by hosting offsite backups for customers

Easy Exchange & SQL Server Backups

Low cost add-ons for BackupAssist that make mailbox level Exchange backup and restoration and incremental SQL server backups quick, easy and simple to deploy and manage!

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  • The Exchange add-on provides easy backups and restoration of lost user data from Exchange
  • The SQL add-on provides continuous backups of your live SQL databases
  • Backup multiple servers from one BackupAssist installation

Reviews from Spiceworks Members

'A really simple product to set up and very low maintenance. I am using it to mirror our file server and to backup SQL and Exchange databases'