Exchange Server Protection

Back up your Exchange Server with a selection of easy-to-use backups. Restore your entire Exchange Server or individual mail items

NEW Direct Exchange Injection: Restore mail items directly into a live Exchange Server.

NEW Fully integrated and comprehensive support for Exchange Server 2013 , 2010, 2007 and 2003

Support for Windows Server 2012, 2008 2003, and SBS 2011, 2008, 2003

VSS-Aware backups that can back up your Exchange Server while it is running

NEW Back up both an Exchange Server's databases and individual mail items with a single backup job

Restore an Exchange Server's information store database or individual storage groups

Restore mailboxes or individual emails, contacts, notes, tasks and appointments at a granular level

BackupAssist protects your Exchange Server with a choice of backups.

Each backup type will detect your Exchange Server and allow you to perform a backup while Exchange is still running - by using Virtual Shadow Copy technology. This means people can use Exchange while it is being backed up, and the data will not change or be locked while a backup is taking place. Back up your entire Microsoft Exchange with any of these VSS-Aware backups. Each comes absolutely free with your BackupAssist license.

System Protection backup

Create an image backup of your Exchange Server. This versatile backup can be used in both restores and system recoveries. The result is a feature-rich, reliable and cost-effective data and disaster protection solution.

File Protection backup

File Protection is a feature for those who want a powerful, yet simple, file backup solution out-of-the-box. File Protection can be configured in minutes to create scheduled backup jobs without the need for complex scripts or settings.

File Archiving backup

Backups created using File Archiving are stored as .ZIP files that contain all of the data selected in the backup job. File Archiving is a file-based backup that works not only with all of the standard destination media, but also with tape drives if you have the BackupAssist Zip-To-Tape Add-on.

Individual mailboxes

Although you do not need a special backup type to back up and restore individual emails, BackupAssist retains this earlier technology for those who want to create dedicated mailbox-only backups.

BackupAssist protects your Exchange Server with a selection of restore options

The Exchange restore menu will present you with a selection of Exchange restore options and guide you through the restore process. Once you have made you choice, BackupAssist will display all of the Exchange backups that you can use assign the appropriate restore tool. It will even allow you to filter, search and browse your backups to find the one you need.

Exchange Server Restore

When you select Exchange Server Restore, BackupAssist will list your Exchange Server backups and associate them to the BackupAssist Restore Console. When you select a backup, the Restore Console will launch, load that backup and allow you to browse its contents. You can even search all your other backups, within the console, to find what you need. Select a database or the entire Exchange server, and the restore process will continue - guiding you through every step until the restore is complete.

Exchange Granular Restore

When you select Exchange Granular Restore, BackupAssist will provide a list of all the backups you can use, and a selection of filters to help you find what you need. When you select a backup, the Exchange Granular Restore console will launch and open the database that contains your mailboxes. This powerful tool will allow you to perform a search of the database, browse individual mailboxes and preview the contents of mail items such as emails, contacts, notes, tasks and appointments. The console will then restore your selection to a location of your choice.

Mailbox Protection Restore

If you have Exchange Mailbox Protection backups, BackupAssist provides a dedicated option to restore from these backups. The licence for this is earlier mailbox-only backup is now included with the Exchange Granular Restore licence and is still fully supported.

License(s) Required

  • BackupAssist
  • BackupAssist Exchange Granular Restore Add-on


Exchange Server Backup:
VSS-Aware System Protection (imaging), File Protection (replication) and File Archiving
Exchange Server Restore:
Using the powerful BackupAssist Restore Console.
Exchange mail item restore:
Using the New Exchange Granular Restore console.

Supported Exchange Servers

Exchange 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

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